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We are a friendly society based in the UK for anyone interested in any aspect of the railways of Austria. We cater for all tastes and interests, from mainline to narrow gauge to tramways, and from the real thing to scale models and model railways.

We share information, advice, news and reports on the Austrian rail scene through our high quality quarterly printed journal, this website and our online eGroup. We thrive on the contributions of members. Why not look at the benefits of membership and join us?

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Other News, Events & Items Of Interest:

Bringing Austria together, BB 2017/18 facts & figures in English.

Endangered Austrian Branch Lines 2019 YouTube Video

Jenbach August 1992 (standard Gauge), YouTube Video produced by Nick Tozer

Stiegl Bahn, YouTube Video link provided by Chris Withers

Mit Zahnrad auf den Schafberg - Die SchafbergBahn, Another interesting YouTube Video link sent in by Chris Withers, thanks Chris!

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