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We are a friendly society based in the UK for anyone interested in any aspect of the railways of Austria. We cater for all tastes and interests, from mainline to narrow gauge to tramways, and from the real thing to scale models and model railways.

We share information, advice, news and reports on the Austrian rail scene through our high quality quarterly printed journal, this website and our online eGroup. We thrive on the contributions of members. Why not look at the benefits of membership and join us?

Latest ARG News: Normam Lamb has brought to the Committee's attention the very sad news that Gerhard Urban (59) passed away two years ago, none of the committee were aware of this tragic event until now. Gerhard was the prime mover behind the formation of the WSV, Waldviertler Schmalspurbahnverein, which runs the line between Heidenreichstein and Alt Nagelberg, and he was also a good friend of the ARG. The WSV notice of Gerhard's passing and obituary is available on this link.

Next ARG-attended exhibition:
European Railways Association - Annual Model Railway Show, 29th September, Birmingham

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Events Of Interest In Austria:

18th August 2018 - Regiobahn Onion Festival excursion, travel from Vienna via Korneuburg on the NostalgieExpress Leiser Berge, then from Ernstbrunn on the Nature Park Bus to the onion metropolis Laa an der Thaya;

2nd September 2018 - Regiobahn Heizhausfest in Mistelbach, take a train from Vienna over the Nordwestbahn and Pulkautal line to Mistelbach.

7th to 9th September 2018 - 120 Jahre Pinzgauer Lokalbahn, model railway exhibition to celebrate 120 years of the Pinzgaubahn. The weekend coincides with the Club399 annual Clubfahrt. John Atkinson will be in attendance as he is assisting with the exhibition, so if you can make it please introduce yourself. Map of the model railway

22nd September 2018 - Sonderfahrt zur Semmeringbahn und Höllentalbahn.

6th October 2018 - Blauer Blitz – Shuttle for the Langen Nacht der Museen 2018.

7th October 2018 - Regiobahn Volldampf im Traisental-Gölsental, steam excursion from St. Pölten to Hainfeld together with the Traisental-Gölsental region.

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