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We are a friendly society based in the UK for anyone interested in any aspect of the railways of Austria. We cater for all tastes and interests, from mainline to narrow gauge to tramways, and from the real thing to scale models and model railways.

We share information, advice, news and reports on the Austrian rail scene through our high quality quarterly printed journal, this website and our online eGroup. We thrive on the contributions of members. Why not look at the benefits of membership and join us?

Latest ARG News: Older members will remember Ron Ferguson from Warrington. Ron is now in poor health - he is particularly having eyesight problems - and so is disposing of his extensive model railway collection. Those who attended his ARG garden party may recollect his large layout. There are some 350+ German and Austrian locomotives, and a lot of rolling stock and Fleischmann trackwork. A lot of the collection is mint and boxed; some has never been opened. For example, there are at least 260 mint, boxed and unopened Kleinbahn wagons. The disposal is being handled by Richard & Judy Wallace of ABC Model Railways, Oxford, and all enquiries should be directed to them and not to Ron. Richard & Judy are looking for offers along the lines of 65-75% of RRP for new mint and boxed items, 50% of RRP on used boxed items, and 30% on unboxed. They use insured inland mail within the UK. If anyone wishes to see specific items before deciding to purchase, Richard will happily photograph items and e-mail them to prospective buyers. Over the rest of the year, items will be taken to exhibitions, including Shipley, Folkestone, Christchurch, Taunton, Wycrail and Broadstairs. Richard has also taken change of some 100+ German and Austrian locomotive number plates (mainly from class 52s). Anyone who is interested in these should contact Richard & Judy directly at:, Richard & Judy Wallace, ABC Model Railways, Richmond Hill, Oxford, OX44 7XF, Mob:0781-3031152. A list of stock is available on this link.

Next ARG-attended exhibition:
European Railways Association - Annual Model Railway Show, 29th September, Birmingham

For details and all forthcoming ARG events in the UK and Austria click here

Events Of Interest In Austria:

22nd September 2018 - Sonderfahrt zur Semmeringbahn und Höllentalbahn.

6th October 2018 - Blauer Blitz – Shuttle for the Langen Nacht der Museen 2018.

6/7th October 2018 - Schmalspurfestival Waldviertelbahn, narrow gauge festival organised by NÖVOG, follow link for more details.

7th October 2018 - Regiobahn Volldampf im Traisental-Gölsental, steam excursion from St. Pölten to Hainfeld together with the Traisental-Gölsental region.

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