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The Austrian Railway Group is proud of its range of books on various aspects of Austrian railways and tramways. They provide a unique English language resource for rail enthusiasts and visitors to Austria alike.

In each book we offer the reader our knowledge of a city, region, route or topic. This usually includes a brief local history, a chronological account of the evolution of rail services, details of the past and present line(s) and stock and a section for modellers.

The following titles are currently in our range of publications, please select a category or scroll down:

History & General

picture unavailable A Short History of the Railways of Austria
An overview of the development of Austria's rail system since 1810 with a line-by-line account, arranged by date of opening, outlining the history of railway routes throughout Austria
Edition 2.2 - 2011
100 pages
picture unavailable Heizlok and Dampfspender
A guide to heating locomotives that have been used on Austrian railways to pre-heat carriages
Edition 1.0 - 2010
49 pages
picture unavailable Die Erzbergbahnen
A complete guide to the history, geography and motive power of the Erzbergbahn and the narrow gauge railways of the region - supplemented by historical and tourist information
Edition 2 - 2013
102 pages
picture unavailable Austrian Railway Bibliography - Volume 1
The first comprehensive collection of books on Austrian Railways, catalogued by subject alphabetically and then author, publisher and language. An invaluable reference listing for those researching any aspect of Austrian railways
226 pages

Railway Regions series

picture unavailable Railway Regions of Austria - Kärnten
Covers the history of the Kärnten region, the building of the railways and their subsequent operation. Also covers closed lines in the region
Edition 1.0 - 2017
picture unavailable Railway Regions of Austria - Oberösterreich
The history of the region and its routes excluding those in Linz and the lines operated by Stern und Hafferl. Also includes preserved lines and closed routes
Edition 3.1 - 2011
80 pages
picture unavailable Railway Regions of Austria - Vorarlberg
A history of railways in Vorarlberg, touching on the line through Liechtenstein and describing narrow-gauge railways in the region, also describes former lines in Vorarlberg
Edition 1.0 - 2008
64 pages

Railway Centres series

picture unavailable Rail Centres of Austria - Innsbruck
A history of lines in and around Innsbruck, including tramways and light railways. Covers Zirl, Fulpmes, Steinach, Volders-Baumkirchen and Hochzirl
Edition 2 - 2013
134 pages
picture unavailable Rail Centres of Austria - Jenbach
A history and line guide to the unique Jenbach area, covering the Achenseebahn, the Zillertalbahn, the main 'Westbahn' line between Schwaz and Rattenberg and the forest railways north of Jenbach. Produced in cooperation with the Achenseebahn
Edition 2.1 - 2013
112 pages
picture unavailable Rail Centres of Austria - Linz
A brief history of the city and of the railways within the city boundaries. Also includes the lines to Aigen-Schlägl, Pischling, Traun and Wels
Edition 2.1 - 2011
80 pages
picture unavailable Rail Centres of Austria - Salzburg
A brief history of Salzburg and its railways with line descriptions for current and closed routes within the city and for the SLB line to Lamprechtshausen
Edition 4 - 2016
68 pages
picture unavailable Rail Centres of Austria - The Steyrtalbahn
A history of the area and the Steyrtalbahn lines, plus the Steyrtal Museumbahn, with line descriptions and stock details. Produced in cooperation with ÖGEG
Edition 2017
132 pages
picture unavailable Rail Centres of Austria - Wien (Vienna)
A brief history of the capital city and of the evolution of railway and tramway routes and depots within the city limits
Edition 4 - 2017

Railway Lines series

picture unavailable Railway Routes in Austria - The Murtalbahn and The Taurachbahn
A line guide and history of the Murtalbahn and the Taurachbahn, providing a detailed guide to the lines and a more general 'tourists' description' of the surrounding area.
Edition 1.0 - 2015
picture unavailable The Pinzgauer Lokalbahn
A history and line guide to the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn, including stock list. Produced in cooperation with SLB.
Edition 4 - 2017
picture unavailable The Railways of Stern und Hafferl
A history of the company and lines owned, operated or built by Stern und Hafferl, including the Schafbergbahn. Also includes lines subsequently closed.
Edition 4 - 2014
166 pages


picture unavailable ÖBB Signalling and Infrastructure 1
A description of Austrian colour light signalling practice in epoches 3, 4 & 5


Edition 1.1 - 2004
40 pages
picture unavailable Austrian Model Railways - Trackplans
A variety of real Austrian railway station layouts so that modellers can find inspiration to build their own smallscale masterpiece.
Edition 1.0 - 2017
120 pages

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