About us

Herzlich Willkommen!

Our history

The Austrian Railway Group was founded in 1992 with the aim of promoting the study of Austrian Railways from their earliest beginnings through to the present day and beyond. The Group was founded as a more wide ranging successor to the earlier Austrian Railway Portfolio Group. The founding committee comprised Ian Futers, Howard Lawrence, Mike Parsons, Phil Bartlett and Richard Arthur. Initial membership of about a dozen has increased steadily over time to 250+ members worldwide today, with most based in the UK. We are particularly grateful for the insightful contributions from our members in Austria (whether resident or there on holiday!).

The main formal communication of the group is the quarterly Journal sent to every member, and day-to-day contact between members is facilitated by a private online eGroup. We are a relaxed and inclusive bunch, always happy to share information or answer a question or make recommendations for a holiday to Austria (ideally with a tangential connection to railways!).

Why Austria?

Interesting trains in an interesting country! From the Alps to the plains of the Danube the many and varied railways of Austria form a fascinating and ever evolving network. Some members are interested in the great days of steam and the elegance of Carl Gölsdorf's machines for the Imperial railway, others in the trams and public transport systems of Vienna and the other towns and cities, some in the post-war era or the last days of steam, others in the modern railway with its private operators and international intermodal traffic. Some members build or collect models or layouts and exhibit them, others books and stamps and memorabilia. Others are keen photographers and make regular trips to the trackside. We very much feel there is something for everyone!

Obviously Austria the country has much to recommend it too!

The ARG Journal and Books

The group is particularly proud of its publications. Our high quality colour Journal (over 100 issues so far) is sent quarterly to all members and our range of self-published books available on various aspects of Austrian railways is a unique resource in the English language. More details can be found here.

Join us!

Hopefully you will be interested enough to become a member. You can find out more about the many benefits of membership here!